Frequently Asked Questions


What is the StudioBooth?

The NorCal StudioBooth is a modern and portable photo booth. It's open air design refreshingly accommodates both small and large groups. It consists of a large backdrop and a kiosk with a large screen allowing users to see how they look before their photo is taken. A foot switch allows for the users to begin their experience when they are ready This open design provides additional entertainment for spectators.

Why choose NorCal StudioBooth?

The NorCal StudioBooth simply brings the fun. Guests crowd around the booth, eagerly picking out props and planning their poses, while others huddle together laughing hysterically as they view the prints they just picked up off the printer. You get to keep the high resolution images - a perfect way to remember all the guests at your event.

Who’s behind NorCal StudioBooth?

NorCal Studiobooth was created by Brett & Emily Photographers - seasoned wedding and portrait photographers behind Brett & Emily Photographers. After shooting hundreds of weddings in Southern California and seeing many different photo booths at the weddings, we decided to design our own photo booth so that we could give our wedding clients the best photo booth experience possible. Thus the San Diego StudioBooth was created and love by our discerning SoCal clients. When Brett & Emily moved back to the north state, we created a second booth and renamed the business. We're thrilled that we can now offer what we believe to be the best photo booth experience to the North State!

How many people can fit into the booth?

We commonly see 4-8 people use the booth at a time, but it's not uncommon to see over 20 people fit into the booth! That's ALOT of people!

What does the backdrop look like?

We LOVE the clean white STUDIO look. Hence the name 'StudioBooth'. Clever, right?  That being said, sometimes we'll use cool wood, concrete, or metal walls for a different looks that's still clean an modern.  Some clients enjoy creating their own backdrop to match their event theme and we think that's awesome!

How does the Studio Booth operate?

When you step into the Studio Booth you'll see instructions on the screen. See yourself in the screen, click the foot switch to start, and pose for four photos. Run over to the printing stations and grab your photos. Then get back in line for another fun session!  If you need any help, our friendly photo booth assistant will be right there to help you out.

What are the Setup requirements?

The Studio Booth has a 9' x 9' footprint and needs a dedicated working outlet within close proximity. For outdoor events, we ask that you have an indoor location on reserve in the case of winds or rain. Level surfaces for outdoor venues are also make us smile.

Can I get a discount?

We do give discounts on the Studio Booth when booked alongside Brett & Emily Photographers covering your event. If you are still looking for a quality photographer for your event, give us a shout!

We also love to give back to our local community and give discounts for community enhancing non-profits and churches. Contact us if this is you.

What if I don’t want prints?

Our 'Digital Package' is the right fit for you. Start here and add extra hours to cover the amount of run time you desire. You'll receive all of the edited high resolution images within days of your event. We provide a link to conveniently download these files to your computer. And like all packages, you'll have an online gallery that will allow you or your guests to make any prints you'd like after the event.

How far will you travel?

We are based in Redding, CA and include a radius of 25 miles from the city center in our normal pricing. We charge standard mileage rate of $0.55 per mile for locations beyond that radius. You'll commonly see us in Chico, Red Bluff, Mt. Shastsa, and Weaverville area, but we've gone much further as well.

What do the prints look like?

Remember the old fashioned photobooth at the mall that gave you 2x6 prints with 4 photos on it? Our default prints are just like that. We've add a little bit of nostalgia to our modern setup. Of course we can fully customize prints to include your name or logo on the bottom, create custom 4x6 prints with larger images and your branding dominantly displayed.

How do guests view photos after the event?

Photos will be posted to a Facebook Gallery where your guests can tag each other and keep the fun going with their comments.  We’ll also have photos posted to a gallery that is linked to a professional print lab. Guests may purchase digital copies or order larger prints through this self serve website.